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Lots of Bloody Fingertips at World Championships

Miho Nonako and Petra Klinger with damaged fingers Photo Eddie Fowke

A big theme in semis and finals at the world championships was bloody fingertips.

Climbers have to tape their fingertips anytime they start bleeding and with 10 days of intense climbing, most climbers wore through all of their skin.

During the combined, almost all of the women had bleeding tips by the lead round, which meant lots of tape and reduced friction.

In men’s bouldering semifinals, Nimrod Marcus, the first Israeli climber to compete in a world championships was fighting with blood and had to call it quits on at least one problem.

Stasa Gejo with tapped fingers

The most obvious struggle with tip tape was Stasa Gejo in women’s bouldering finals.

On the last problem, she had to re-tape between every attempt. You can watch below that the problem had an intense left hand sloper move that led to a big right-hand move with a toe catch.

You can almost feel your skin peel away. Watch below at 1:45:00.