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Meet Sean McColl and the Stars of Canadian Bouldering

Sean McColl in Finals at Nationals 2018 Photo Aidas Odonelis

In this video, we meet top Canadian boulderers Sean McColl, Alannah Yip, Rahul Sapra, Francis Bilodeau, Kaleb Thomas and Bronwen Karnis.

We also get insight into the sport from Luigi Montilla (co-owner of Up the Bloc and Joe Rockheads, and owner of Tour de Bloc), Dr. Yasser El-Sheikh (who specializes in climbing injuries) and longtime Ontario climber Gus Alexandropoulos.

“In climbing, failure is such a big part of growing,” said Yip. And Karnis added, “It doesn’t always feel great, especially in a competition, that’s when you don’t want to fail.”

The video is featured around the 2018 Boulder Nationals at Up the Bloc, which McColl and Alison Vest won.

Meet the Stars: