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Miles Adamson Has a Great Personal Training App

Miles Adamson is one of Canada’s leading rock climbers and high-ball boulderers, with sends to his name like The Path 5.14R, Honour and Glory 5.14d, Nightmare V13 and Rootin Tootin Cowboy Shootin V13.

His new app has helped a number of climbers improve their training and climbing. The app has an offline database of over 100 climbing exercises, for anything climbing related: volume, strength, power, power endurance, endurance and conditioning. They are categorized by type, difficulty and the equipment required.

Adamson said: “Want to train for a Red Rocks trip two months from now? It will create you a personalized program instantly with the equipment you have available. In your program, you will be able to see every training day created and its exercises. Tap on an exercise to load the exercises information into a timer and set/rep counter.

“There is no need to switch to a stopwatch app. If an exercise turns out to be too easy or difficult, tap and hold on its button to switch it out for any other exercise. Most exercises have different tiers of difficulty, so you can easily swap it out for a higher or lower tier. You can also create your own exercises.”

This is a great app for new and experienced climbers and a great way to give a boost to your training. Go check it out here.

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