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Montreal’s Climbing Gyms Open Today

Montreal's climbing gyms opened on March 26, while Toronto's gyms remain locked down. Today marks day 130 of lockdown for Toronto gyms

After two months of closures, Montreal’s climbing gyms have reopened. What does this mean for areas that remain in lockdown?

Hopefully the reopening of further services in another large Canadian city will provide clarity for district leaders in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Bloc Shop and Allez Up made the decision to open on the 26, setting the tone for the province. To celebrate, Bloc Shop decided to host a contest with five $200 prizes.

Similarly, Allez Up has unpacked and put up several new 360 volumes that make an exciting addition to their arsenal. While many gyms reopened around Quebec long before Montreal re-opened their doors, Allez Up and Bloc Shop have influenced the industry through the projects they support and their approaches to routesetting. Their reopening is significant.

As two of the best gyms in Canada, this event inspires Toronto locals who have entered Day 130 of lockdown. While the Stay-At-Home order lifted in Toronto last week, not much has changed. Restaurants can operate at 25% capacity in outdoor spaces, but climbing gyms, and many other long locked down facilities, have remained closed as they await the fabled red-zone.

Ontario gyms around the province have already begun their reopening process in their less restrictive zones. These reopenings have pulled some Torontonians outside the city into these areas. While Toronto shoulders pandemic fatigue, B.C. has noticed a sharp uptick in Covid-19 cases over these last two weeks. While provincial leaders fight to keep case counts under control, the ominous uncertainty precluding spring leaves climbers wondering about their season.

Amid all of this is the fortunate reality that vaccinations are on the rise. More and more of Canada’s at risk population find themselves one step closer to immunity and, with these vaccines’ incredibly high efficacy rates, there may exist reason to relax and see what happens.

Fortunately, warmer weather and the return to outdoor spaces might shine a light for those looking to get outside. Although socializing in the outdoors still has a great deal of inherent risk, the better weather makes for a far more acceptable lockdown for areas still feeling the bind.

Though persisting in these difficult times has made progression frustrating for climbers and gym owners alike, the enjoyment of outdoor spaces will hopefully relieve some of that stress more normally associated with lockdown orders.

Featured Image of Camille Langlois-Barriere