Entralpi is an electronic rock and indoor climbing training system. This new tool changes the way climbers train. The innovation systematically measures strength applied to any hangboard. It consists of a force rating plate and a web based application.

The app guides static and dynamic strength tests along with providing multiple training programs. Elite climbers, therapists and researchers have been using the system for the past six years, with success. This system is fully portable and is now available. Visit the Kickstarter page here.

“Entralpi allows complex analysis from a simple setup,” said founder FĂ©lix Bourassa-Moreau. “This new method eases training for beginners and allow elite climbers to push their limits in a controlled, calculated, efficiently safe environment. No matter what the goal, whether it be in preparation for competing at the Olympic games, sending in the gym or outside. Entralpi effectively increases performance.” visit here for more.

Entralpi Interview with Plastic Weekly

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