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Ontario Bouldering Champs: Lia Wieckowski and Dylan Saffery

This past weekend the Ontario Climbing Federation Bouldering Provincials were held at Altitude Gym in Kanata, Ontario.

Setters at the event should be pleased with the perfect spread down the ranks for the men’s open. Known already for his successes as a Youth competitor, Dylan Saffery took the top spot, followed closely by Samuel Tiukuvaara. Hamish Thomson came third.

For the women, known crusher Lia Wiecklowsi was the only woman to finish all four finals problems. Altitude climber, Alexandra Pierce, came second with three tops. Third place went to seasoned competitor Kacy Wilson, who beat out Justine McCarney in attempts to zone.

Wilson attributes her success at the competition to her training on coordination problems. But, of course, there was plenty of power required too.

Open Results Men/Women
1. Dylan Saffery/Lia Wieckowski
2. Sam Tiukuvaara/Alexandra Peirce
3. Hamish Thomson/Kacy Wilson

Junior Results Male/Female
1. David Gilbert/Cat Carkner
2. Ben Agro/Bea Evans
3. Manh Ellis/Bronwen Karnis

Youth A Results Male/Female
1. Faolan Schaefer/Riley Galloway
2. Jeppe Hjermind Lund/Indiana Chapman
3. Owen Gambling/Lestine Pasion

Check the full results plus results for Youth B, C, D at compseason.com

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