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Oscar Beaudrand Comes 4th at Youth Lead World Championships

Team Japan sweeps the Male Youth B podium

Youth World Championships in Arco. Photo courtesy of IFSC, 2019.

Semis and Finals for Junior Male, Youth B Male and Youth B Female have just wrapped up. Climbing for Canada in those rounds was Sean Faulkner (Jr) and Oscar Beaudrand (YB).

Faulkner, who’s based out of Park City, Utah, climbed well in Semis and moved up three spots from qualifiers to finish in 13th. Beaudrand – who also lives in Utah, in Salt Lake City – made it through to Finals in his category. Beaudrand looked super strong on the wall, styled the roof sequence before the headwall and then just got pumped. He reached the high-point of the three previous climbers but was out-climbed by the next three Japanese competitors. Due to countbacks, Beaudrand ended up in 4th place.

The Japanese team is on fire, taking six out of nine podium spots.

Shuta Tanaka, Junior Male, Youth world Championships in Arco. Photo courtesy of IFSC, 2019.

Male Junior Lead

1. Shuta Tanaka (JPN)
2. Sohta Amagasa (JPN)
3. Alistair Duval (FRA)

13. Sean Faulkner (CAN)

Full results here

Katsura Konishi. Junior Male. Youth World Championships in Arco, Italy. Photo courtesy of IFSC, 2019.

Male Youth B Lead

1. Junta Sekiguchi (JPN)
2. Haruki Uemura (JPN)
3. Satone Yoshida (JPN)
4. Oscar Beaudrand (CAN)

Full results here

Female Youth B Lead

1. Oriane Bertone (FRA)
2. Hana Koike (JPN)
3. Aleksandra Totkova (BUL)

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