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Over 20,000 Climbers: 95% Want to Get Back to the Gym

Of over 20,000 climbers who answered on the Vertical-Life Restart Climbing Survey, 95 per cent said they want climbing gyms to reopen. Only five per cent said they would not feel safe due to covid-19. You can view early results here and follow Vertical-Life on Instagram below.

Some results include: 98 per cent want hand hygiene measures, 91 per cent want body temps measured at entrance, 88 per cent say avoid change rooms, 81 per cent said fewer routes set and 65 per cent said they would wear a mask.

Their conclusion: “All in all, it can be said that the majority of climbers would very much like to return to the gym for climbing and would also be open to following certain regulations. It can be assumed that climbers are aware of the difficult situation their local gym faces, and that they know that it is important to follow the rules in order to be able to continue climbing in the gym after a potential reopening.”