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Psicobloc Bilbao Wins for Jernej Kruder and Matilda Soderland

Jernej Kruder and Matilda Söderlund have taken first place at Psicobloc Master BBK in Bilbao.

There was over 6,000 spectators on hand for the big outdoor comp, the second of its kind in the city.

Chris Sharma attended the last event, was the winner and who many of the fans cheered on.

The format was the same as the North American psicobloc comps with climbers racing on identical routes side by side to the top.

Watch Finals:

Men/Women Results

1. Jernej Kruder / Matilda Söderlund
2. Nils Favre / Sasha Digiulian
3. Mikel Linacisoro / Julija Kruder

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