Voluntary Recall on Perfect Descent Auto Belays

No one has been injured, but the company is taking precautions

October 21st, 2019 by | Posted in Indoor Climbing, News | Tags: ,

For several years, auto belays have been a staple of the climbing gym. They are installed for the benefit of beginners and professional athletes alike, providing the unique service of lowering climbers to the ground safely and autonomously.

Perfect Descent is one of the premier manufacturers of auto belays, producing the same devices used in international speed climbing competitions and many gyms throughout Canada.

As such, it is not surprising that Perfect Descent, in conjunction with C3 Manufacturing, has reacted quickly to a material defect found during testing in the retraction springs of their devices. Today, C3 Manufacturing offered a “stop use” and voluntary recall of the devices affected.

Cort McElroy, the operator of the Perfect Descent Service Center in Canada, reports “twelve companies have contacted us already.” This readiness to act is to be expected of a company that offers a voluntary recall, and should provide the climber peace of mind.

Fortunately there have not been any accidents to report and the auto belays should soon be restored. For the full report see here.