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Report from February Triple Tour de Bloc Weekend

Three Tour de Bloc competitions happened this weekend in B.C., Ontario and Quebec. In its 16th year, the Tour is still thriving, with packed and stacked events.

From west to east, here are your results, with reports from Flo Balsez (GGR) and Catherine Malette (LeMouv’).

Podium from TDB16 The Hive North Shore in B.C.
1. Mike Foley/Allison Vest
2. Ivan Luo/Alannah Yip
3. Ethan Hoffman/Jani Zoraj
Full results at CompSeason.com.


Thanks to Flo Balsez, who gave us this report from the stop at Grand River Rocks:

“The event was a success overall. Sixty problems were set. The Americans showed up and crushed as usual (Dylan Barks and Erick Libbe). It was great to climb on some “old-fashioned style” problems with more pulling and powerful/steep problems. It was not too crowded because the youth bouldering nationals is next weekend so many youth climbers chose not to participate.

“The two best climbers, Dylan and Dylan, were done climbing their qualifier problems within an hour, while Shaun Hunter, myself and a few others had to climb the full 3 hours in order to get our 6 problems in. The style of problems was very diverse: long pinch problems in an overhang, crimpy, dynamic, a couple of slabs, and some coordination problems. Great work by the whole crew at GRR.

“The finals were quite the show with live DJ and coloured lights. After a bad start with a fail on his first problem (a tricky four-points of contact low start and a progression entirely on triangles volumes) Dylan Barks quickly recomposed to flash the problem #2 which only he and his American counterpart Erick were able to send.”

*Balsez qualified for finals in third but, due to an ailing shoulder, opted out of finals with sights on Nationals

Podium from TDB16 Grand River Rocks in Ontario
1. Dylan Barks/Mateja Vukojevic
2. Erik Libbe/Riley Galloway
3. Dylan Saffery/Celeste Chambers


Thanks to women’s finalist Catherine Malette, who gave us this in-person report of the competition at Le Mouv’:

“The qualification problems surprised quite a few people. They were tricky as well as powerful so climbers had to try the problems many times before finishing them.

“In finals, Olivia Wyett clearly stood out with three tops. Lily Canavan, who dominated during qualifiers, secured second place with two tops, and Zoé Beauchemin impressed everyone with her send of the last problem, and finished in third. Just like with the qualification round, the setters succeeded in offering a nice mix of styles to create problems that were at once complex, powerful and high risk.

“American Raymond Hansen, who led in qualifiers and finals, and Alexander Fricker were the only climbers to finish one top in finals. David Trudeau took third place with three zones. Sébastien Lazure returned to competing after months off due to a finger injury, and still stood out.” [Translated from the French; see original text below]

*Malette qualified for finals in second and finished just off the podium in fourth

Podium from TDB16 Le Mouv’ in Quebec
1.Raymond Hansen/Olivia Wyette
2.Alex Fricker/Lily Canavan
3.David Trudeau/Zoé Beauchemin

Full results here

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Had an awesome time at the Tour de Bloc yesterday at @lemouvespacebloc! After a rough start to qualifiers I managed to get my head screwed on right and ended up walking away with a silver medal! There are a few things to tweak but I’m feeling strong and psyched for nationals at @bolderclimbing in 3 weeks! Congrats to @rayhansen11 and @david__trudeau for taking home gold and bronze respectively and fellow @allezupmtl teammate @zoe.beau for taking home bronze! As always huge shoutout to the volunteers and routesetters for making these things happen! • • • ?: @marcvig @allezupmtl @sattvaclimbing #teamallezup #allezup #sattvaclimbing #sattvaclimbingathlete #sendandinspire #competition #bouldering #tourdebloc

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Original text from Malette:Les problèmes en qualifications en ont surpris plus d’un. Ils étaient aussi intense en force que risqué et c’est pourquoi les grimpeurs ont dû donner plusieurs essais pour les réussir. Lors de la finale, Olivia Wyett s’est hautement démarqué avec 3 tops. Lily Canavan, qui avait dominé lors des qualifications, a sécurisé sa deuxième place avec two tops alors que Zoé Beauchemin en a épaté plus d’un en réussissant le dernier problème et ainsi prendre la troisième place. Comme pour les qualifications, les ouvreurs ont réussi à bien mélanger les styles pour créer des problèmes à la fois complexes, intenses et risqués.

“L’américain Raymond Hansen, qui a mené les qualifications et les finales, et Alexander Fricker sont les seuls grimpeurs à avoir réussi 1 top en finales. David Trudeau a pris la troisième place avec 3 zones. Sébastien Lazure a fait un retour à la compétition après plusieurs mois de rétablissement suite à une blessure à un doigt. Il a su se démarquer malgré son retour progressif.”

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