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Results from Quebec’s First Boulder Comp of 2018/19

The first bouldering comp of the FQME’s 2018/19 schedule took place at Délire Escalade on Oct. 20.

Nathan Smith and Audrey Larochelle, two veteran comp climbers, won the Open category against a stacked field.

This is the first Quebec event that Albertan champion Alex Fricker has competed in since moving to Montreal for university, he finished in third overall behind Smith and Pier-Michaël Lemay. Full results here.

IT'S ON!! Finales ce soir 19:30 💪🏼

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Open Men/Women
1. Nathan Smith / Audrey Larochelle
2. Pier-Michaël Lemay / Marie-Michelle Thibault
3. Alex Fricker / Kim Polisois
Junior Women/Men: Dana Monteith / Andy Charbounneau
Youth A Women/Men: Aurelie Huppe / Hugo Dorval

Women’s Open podium