The Ontario Climbing Federation held its first comp for Youth categories C, D and E this past weekend at True North Climbing Gym.

It was a two-day event with Youth D and E competing on Saturday in scramble-format competitions (1.5 hours per category).

On Sunday, over 80 Youth C climbers (i.e., 11 to 12 year olds) competed in an isolation-format competition with five boulder problems.

There were no finals. That turnout is slightly more than the open category at the last FQME comp, and three times the number of open competitors at the first OCF event a few weeks ago.

Clearly, the interest in competition climbing is alive and well in the younger generations.

Seasoned competitor, even at 12 years old, Emmanuel Derima from the US won first place for Youth C boys, followed closely by Cole Macleod in second and Nathan Seto in third.

For the girls, Taylor Galloway came first, with two fewer attempts than Evangelina Briggs (whose sister, Graciela Briggs, also came second in her category (Youth D girls) the day before. Sophie Diciacca came third.

Results Youth C Boys / Girls

1. Emmanuel Derima (NR) / Taylor Galloway
2. Cole Macleod / Evangelina Briggs
3. Nathan Seto / Sophie Diciacca

Check out full results here.

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