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Sean McColl in Finals at Kranj Lead World Cup

Sean McColl was back in fine form at the Kranj Lead World Cup semifinals and is heading into finals in third.

He’s behind Jakob Schubert and Stefano Ghisolfi in his finest lead performance of the season. “Finals baby, keeping the dream alive,” McColl wrote on Instagram.

Katherine Choong who is heading to finals in sixth for women, recently sent Nordic Plumer 5.14b in Norway.

Men/Women Semis Results

1. Jakob Schubert / Jain Kim
2. Stefano Ghisolfi / Jessica Pilz
3. Sean McColl / Janja Garnbret
4. Francesco Vettorata / Hannah Schubert
5. Masahiro Higuchi / Natsumi Hirano
6. Yuki Hada / Katherine Choong

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