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See How Strong This 5.15c Climber Is

Stefano Ghisolfi gets his finger strength and flexibility tested at Lattice Training

For those of you who don’t know about Lattice Training, they’re a group based in the U.K. that measure how strong a climber is, but they also create training programs. They’re worth checking out here.

They’ve had several of the world’s strongest climbers on to test their strength. In their most recent episode, they team up with Stefano Ghisolfi, one of the world’s best sport climbers.

He has climbed four 5.15c routes: Excalibur in Arco, Perfecto Mundo in Margalef, Change in Flatanger, and Bibliographie in Céüse. In 2022, he repeated Adam Ondra’s Move 5.15b, and put up two 5.15b routes of his own in Italy, The Lonely Mountain and L’arenauta.

Ghisolfi at Lattice