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See Who’s Competing Tonight to Become USA Bouldering National Champion

The top six men and top six women from this morning's semi-finals will compete in the livestreamed final starting tonight at 8pm EST (5pm PST)

Photo by: Daniel Gajda

The 2022 USA Climbing National Championships bouldering semi-finals just wrapped up in Colorado. The top 20 men and top 20 women from the qualifying round competed across four boulders in this round. Below, the top six men and top six competitors from this morning’s semi-finals are listed. These 12 climbers will compete in tonight’s finals where one man and woman will be crowned USA Bouldering National Champion.


  1. Ross Fulkerson
  2. Luke Muehring
  3. Dillon “Bob” Countryman
  4. Sean Bailey
  5. Benjamin Hanna
  6. Hugo Hoyer

The men’s semi-final boulders were tough, with only two out of the four problems being successfully topped. Two USA Bouldering National Team members made the finals, Sean Bailey and Benjamin Hanna. Two other National Team members, Nathaniel Coleman and Zach Galla, did not make the finals, coming in 9th and 16th respectively. The remaining National Team member, Colin Duffy, did not compete. Ross Fulkerson, USA Lead National Team member, took the top spot in the semi-finals, while Dillon “Bob” Countryman, who came in first in the qualifying round, took third.


  1. Anastasia “Annie” Sanders
  2. Cloe Coscoy
  3. Kyra Condie
  4. Kylie Cullen
  5. Mira Capicchioni
  6. Alex Johnson

The women’s semi-final problems were also very difficult, with only two of the four boulders being topped. Annie Sanders is on fire this competition, coming in first in both the qualifying and semi-final rounds. USA Bouldering National Team member Kylie Cullen made it to the finals, but her teammate Maya Madere did not, placing 8th. The other three USA Bouldering National Team members did not compete (Natalia Grossman, Brooke Raboutou, Melina Costanza). Tokyo Olympian and USA Lead National Team member Kyra Condie will also move on to the finals.

The bouldering finals start today at 8pm EST (5pm PST). You can watch the Youtube livestream here.

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Lead photo: Daniel Gajda