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Sethna and Weber Win Bolder Boulder Comp 2018

Bolder climbing gym in Calgary hosted another amazing competition on Nov. 10 with some of Alberta’s top climbers.

In the end, veteran comp crushers Eric Sethna and Alyssa Weber took top spots.

Results Men/Women
1. Eric Sethna / Alyssa Weber
2. Loic Fujinaga / Paige Boklaschuk
3. Jason Holowach / Mani Dias
4. Dylan Bokenfohr / Lily Trottier
5. Mark Derksen / Regan Kennedy
6. Marc Eveleigh / Kayle Tse

Another great competition hosted by @bolderclimbing! The boulders were awesome and creative. They tested and tricked you in different ways but I managed to make it up them all and come away with my second win this season! Also, congrats to @paigeboklaschuk and @mani.dias for crushing in finals! One of my favourite problems was the third boulder in finals (this picture). It was a pure crimp problem where you just needed to crimp as hard as possible. My fingers definitely hurt coming off, but it was a nice contrast to all the volume climbing. Thanks again to all the volunteers and the ACA for putting on another great local! Can’t wait for the next one at my home gym at Rocky Mountain (@calgaryclimbing). . #bouldering #finals #ACA #bolderclimbing #lasportiva #metolius #calgarycimbing #movetomove . @lasportivana @metoliusclimbing @calgaryclimbing @move.to.move . Photo: Pam Eveleigh

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