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Shauna Coxsey Retiring from Comps after Olympics

Over the past decade, she's won 11 World Cup medals

Shauna Coxsey, 28, has announced that she will retire from competition climbing after competing in the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Over the past few years, she’s been dealing with a number of injuries.

The champion U.K. climber who started competing at the age of seven has podiumed at 30 World Cups and taken home 11 eleven gold medals. Her most recent World Cup was in Salt Lake City, where she finished 36th out of 49 climbers.

In August 2019, she won two bronze medals at the IFSC World Championships in Hachioji, in bouldering and combined. During the finals of the combined event, she set a British women’s speed record of 9.141 seconds and beat Futaba Ito and Miho Nonaka before losing to Aleksandra Miroslaw.

“After years of being ready, years of preparation, off seasons spent fighting to get to the start line, years of harnessing the desire, the determination and the belief it feels so wrong to admit I no longer want to do competitions,” Coxsey said. Watch a 2020 profile below.

Shauna Coxsey

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