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The Hive Bouldering Gym Time Slots Fill in One Minute

The prime hours that get booked up the fastest are in the evenings and on Sunday

Climbing gyms across Canada are using booking systems to fill time slots for climbers to schedule a training session. Some climbers have been finding it difficult to book the times they want because they fill up so fast.

B.C. climber Alexey Badalov wondered how quickly do the time slots fill up at The Hive, one of Canada’s leading gyms with a number of locations. To find out, he wrote a script that keeps checking on it once a minute. He turned the data for the past week into this illustration of the Hive timetable showing how long it took for each slot to fill up. He said that maybe it will help someone plan ahead and he’s now working on a chart that will give some insight into cancellations. Click on the graphic by Badalov below for more info.

Badalov told us that the gym is running at full capacity, which less than pre-covid, most of the day. He said, “18 people per slot, with two slots active at any time.” For spring break camps, they reduced it to 12 before 4 p.m. Some gyms in Canada have extended their hours to accomodate earlier and later starts.

You can see that most of the time slots fill up within one-minute in the chart below, and Badalov said that some are full in less than 10 seconds.

Climbing gyms in Canada have been hit hard by covid, so be sure to support them when you have a chance. Read Climbing Gyms Across Canada Battling Through Covid-19 where we touch base with a number of gym owners, including The Hive’s Andrew Coffey.