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The IFSC Releases Paris 2024 Olympic Schedule

The IFSC releases the Paris 2024 Olympic schedule along with the location of the 2023 Youth World Championships

Yesterday, the International Federation of Sport Climbing released the Paris 2024 Olympic schedule. In the same day, another press release announced the location of the 2023 Youth World Championships.

Alex Megos competes at Briançon Lead World Cup
Alex Megos by Lena Drapella

Olympic Schedule

Last year’s Olympic event brought climbers through four days on the Olympic stage. In order to increase their audience, the IFSC, Paris 2024, and the Olympic Broadcasting Service have agreed on sessions aimed at achieving optimal broadcasting coverage with little competition overlap with other sports.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris said: It was not easy to find the best combination to benefit the athletes and satisfy the watching public, on site and at home. We learned from Tokyo 2020, and we took into account many different aspects to make a really solid schedule, to showcase our great sport to a global audience.”

This year’s event will include both Boulder and Lead semi-finals, carrying these disciplines through a total of six days of competition across two gender categories. Speed will run for four days across two gender categories. The schedule follows:

Monday, 5 August:

Men’s Boulder & Lead semi-final, Boulder round

Women’s Speed qualification

Tuesday, 6 August:

Women’s Boulder & Lead semi-final, Boulder round

Men’s Speed qualification

Wednesday, 7 August:

Men’s Boulder & Lead semi-final, Lead round

Women’s Speed final

Thursday, 8 August:

Women’s Boulder & Lead semi-final, Lead round

Men’s Speed final

Friday, 9 August:

Men’s Boulder & Lead final

Saturday, 10 August:

Women’s Boulder & Lead final

Vita Lukan competes at Briançon Lead World Cup
Vita Lukan by Lena Drapella

2023 Youth World Championships

The IFSC and the Korea Alpine Federation announced that the 32nd edition of the IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships will be held in South Korea from the 19 to 27 August 2023.

Climbers in the Junior, Youth A, and Youth B categories each will compete for the title Youth World Champion.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris said: “The first climbing Youth World Championship was held in 1992, in Basel, Switzerland. Since then, the YWCH has become the reference event for our young athletes. All future champions have competed at it, while for many others it has been one of the best climbing memories of their lives.

 “Next year, South Korea will host this event for the first time. A warm thank to our friends of the Korea Alpine Federation for their commitment and support: now, young climbers of the world have a place where their dreams can come true in 2023!”

KAF President Son Joong-Ho said: “With COVID-19 outbreak making it difficult to compete in various international competitions, Seoul, the capital of Korea, will proudly host an IFSC World Cup, the Asian Championships, and the Youth World Championships and it will be a good opportunity for club members and domestic fans to see Sport Climbing in person, which is gaining sensational popularity in the MZ generation.

“Thanks to these events, Seoul will keep establishing itself as an international sports city, both in Asia and overseas, with plenty of locations, such as the Bukhansan National Park, which offers a lot of opportunities to climb outdoor, and try other sports.”

American Olympian Colin Duffy competes at Briançon Lead World Cup
Colin Duffy by Lena Drapella