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The Ultimate 28-Day At-Home Climbing Training Routine

From the first wave of covid-19, here's a program for anyone stuck at home for 14 or 28 days

During the first wave of covid-19, we published a 28-day stay-at-home endurance-cycle training routine for climbers to stay focused. As we head into the second wave, we’ve collected all 28 days into this article.

As many people are starting and leaving 14-day and 28-day quarantines for work, due to exposure or because of local restrictions, we believe this will become a good resource for climbers to stay motivated.

28-Day Endurance Cycle

Day 1: “Footwork and technique are a function of core strength. The stronger the core, the better the climber.”
Day 2: “After you complete day one of the program, your body will likely feel fairly sore.”
Day 3: Rest Day
Day 4: “In these high-rep exercises, it can be tempting to try and blast through the sets as quickly as possible.”
Day 5: “The fatigue should be fairly high today, but as we are moving towards a hypertrophic state, we can trust that this is what is required for muscle building.”
Day 6: Rest Day
Day 7: “Consistency, as discussed by Dave MacLeod in his recent post, is necessary to progression. Show up to your training-sessions like you’re ready to climb.”
Day 8: “With the second week of training underway, day-to-day physical fatigue is going to increase dramatically.”
Day 9: Rest Day
Day 10: “As always, train with intent. There is little point in attempting to complete a workout in a half-focused manner. Bringing the psych is essential to developing as a climber.”
Day 11: “Today, take a look at the Lattice Training Channel Youtube. The experienced coaches at Lattice have released many exceptional training videos to benefit the self-isolating public.”
Day 12: Rest Day
Day 13: Rest Day
Day 14: “We took a double rest day between Day 11 and Day 14 so that we might recover before entering our power training.”
Day 15: “Unlike the previous two-weeks there will be an order to this routine. It is important that this routine is done in this order.”
Day 16: Rest Day
Day 17: “Over the next four days of our stay-at-home routine, we will seek to isolate and exhaust the high-end power of our agonist muscles.”
Day 18: “Tomorrow will mark our last rest day before the deload week.”
Day 19: Rest Day
Day 20: “Offsets are designed to help you build one-arm power. Though we completed a few of these over the course of our conditioning period, we will adjust them for maximum output.”
Day 21: “Day 21 will mark the final hard training of our 28-day cycle.”
Day 22: Rest Day
Day 23: Rest Day
Day 24: “After an intense three weeks of conditioning, our bodies should feel relatively sore.”
Day 25: Rest Day
Day 26: “The purpose of this week is to offer conditioning athletes a period of recruitment in which they can heal and build that strength they were working for. “
Day 27: Rest Day
Day 28: “As a result, we should feel stronger than before and ready to progress to the next stage of our training.”

Next Up is the 28-Day Power Cycle