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Throwback Thursday: Austria’s Double Gold at 2013 Toronto World Cup

In June, 2013, Gravity Climbing Gym in Hamilton, Ont., hosted the second ever Canadian bouldering World Cup event.

It was a particularly warm day so the competitors had to deal with less than ideal conditions but they put on a spectacular show, nevertheless.

Austria’s Kilian Fischhuber and Anna Stöhr were on fire that season and the Canadian crowd got to see the power couple in action as they each took home the gold.

Fischhuber & Stöhr with their gold medals, Photo by Migüel Jetté

Watch Fischhuber on his send of Men’s Problem Two (Jorg Verhoeven was the only other man to top it):
[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/TWisjhq5fa8?start=2947″]

Stöhr won the event because she was the only woman to send problem four. Footage of her send is partially missing because Sean McColl finished men’s problem four while she was climbing, but you see her topping out.

The double send of McColl and Stöhr sent the crowd into a frenzy…Check it out here.

BONUS memorable moment at this competition was when Alex Puccio climbed passed the finish hold on Women’s Problem Three. Check it out here.

Kilian Fischhuber on M2, Photo by Migüel Jetté
Anna Stöhr
 at the top of W4, Photo by Migüel Jetté
Alex Puccio realizing she’s climbed beyond the final hold on W3, Photo by Migüel Jetté