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Tomoa Narasaki Flashes Decided V14 in Japan

Tomoa Narasaki has flashed Decided V14 at Mizugaki in Japan. Narasaki qualified for the Olympics earlier this summer, so sat out the Toulouse Olympic qualifying event this weekend.

Decided was first climbed by Ryuichi Murai last year at V14. Murai returned this year and added a low start at V16 and called it United.

Narasaki joins a short list of climbers who’ve flashed V14 in the past. Daniel Woods flashed Entlinge V14 in 2011, Adam Ondra flashed Jade V14 in 2015, Jimmy Webb flashed Globalist V14 in 2016, Ned Feehally flashed Trust Issues V14 in 2017 and Jakob Schubert flashed Catalan Witness the Fitenss V14 in 2018.

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WOW🤩‼️ I FLASHed ”Decided ” V14 which I’ve been willing to climb for long✅• • Meanwhile a year past from the last time touching wild boulders, I tried with my strong emotion. I instantly felt holdings and beta are somehow friendly to me. Then, I could FLASH it and it’s my best flashing grade record 😎👍🏻• • Thanks for shooting awesome pics. in a cold @shintaozawa 📸 ————————————— ずっとやってみたかった ”Decided ” V14/五段をFLASH‼️• • 1年振りの岩場でしたが、思いきってトライしてみたらすごく自分の得意なホールドと動きで、FLASHする事が出来ました。自己最高FLASHグレードを更新出来て嬉しいです😎👍🏻• • 寒い中撮影してくれた @shintaozawa ありがとうございます📸動画も後程アップします! ————————————— @au_official @thenorthfacejp #アイディホーム @air_sleeptechnology @unparallelup @frictionlabs

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Narasaki started climbing when he was 10 years old with Sachi Amma in Amma’s family climbing gym. He’s won the Bouldering World Championship and Bouldering World Cup Combined.

Earlier this year, he said, “I think my successful results this year were due to changing my attitude and environment. I tried to climb outside to improve my technical skills and teamed up with a good coach.”

Adam Ondra vs Tomoa Narasaki