Tomoa Narasaki Wins Bouldering Worlds

Narasaki dominated in a super tough round that shut down Adam Ondra

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The men’s final bouldering round at the World Championships only saw two tops. And those tops were by one athlete, Tomoa Narasaki.

While there was still lots of sports action and almost-sends, at the end of the day, no one else came close to the Japanese rock star. Not even Adam Ondra, who, to everyone’s surprise, didn’t send a single zone.

Yannick Flohé in Finals. Photo courtesy of IFSC.

As it often goes when comp problems are hard, the results at this event were very close. Jakob Schubert (AUT), Yannick Flohé (GER) and Kokoru Fujii (JPN) all finished with three zones, separated by attempts (10, 13, 18, respectively). And Keita Dohi (JPN) climbed two zones.

Jakob Schubert in Finals. Photo courtesy of IFSC.

Canadian Men
Sean McColl – 14th (tie)
Jason Holowach – 29th
Lucas Uchida – 63rd

Sean McColl in Semis. Photo courtesy of IFSC.