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Top 10 Instagram Training Vids of 2018

Aside from seeing friends’ travel pics or photos of their food, dogs or kids, Instagram has offered a way for professional climbers to share with their followers how they train with videos that are both impressive and inspiring.

We compiled ten of the most popular training videos of 2018.

Some you may remember, some you may have missed. Either way, check them out and get psyched!

10. Mickaël Mawem
It’s surprising this vid has “only” 30K views, because it is pretty sick!

9. Miho Nonaka

8. Udo Neumann
Studies in stunt/parkour style climbing:

7. Tomoa Narasaki
Doing his thing…

6. Adam Ondra

5. Sean McColl

4. Jan Hojer
Being Jan

3. Alex Puccio

2. Shauna Coxsey
Technically this is from Dec 16, 2017, but it’s so cool, and has 1.2m views…

1. Magnus Midtbo
1.8 million views for good reason. One arm muscle up?!