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Top Climber Meagan Martin Talks Comps and Lockdown

She made history at America Ninja Warriors and is now a commentator for ESPN for USA Climbing events

In 2019, Meagan Martin took on the role of an ESPN commentator for USA Climbing events ahead of the inclusion of climbing in the 2020 Olympics. She was also a coach at ABC Kids Climbing Gym in Boulder, Colorado from November of 2013 to July of 2018.

Meagan started competing in gymnastics at a young age. At the end of her Junior year of college, she realized that she wanted to pursue comp climbing. Martin said, “I would choose one day a week to climb for a few hours after track practice. It was quite exhausting, but I knew I would be in better climbing shape to start my training after graduating.”

“I love having the opportunity to work at ABC,” she said. “I think what Robyn and Didier have done with their program is great, and I enjoy getting the chance to work with the future generation on a weekly basis. I also teach clinics for both youth climbers and adult climbers. In the future I would like to get involved with more climbing based foundations so that I can give back to my community even more.”

In 2014, she competed on American Ninja Warrior and found quick success. She made history by becoming the third woman to make it up the warped wall and the first rookie to complete a qualifying course.


Watch a spring 2020 interview with Martin by Plastic Weekly, a podcast/YouTube series based in the Toronto area.

Plastic Weekly with Meagan Martin