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Toronto Climbing Gyms Approach 130 Days of Covid Closure

Ontario has a lot of gyms, many of which are located in areas where covid-19 restrictions are keeping climbers locked out

Photo by: Brandon Pullan

It’s been a hard year for climbing gyms across Canada, but luckily as we head into spring most are allowed to open with limited capacity. Unfortuntely that’s not the case for the many gyms in the city of Toronto.

As of March 8, all regions in Ontario were back in the covid-19 response framework. Each region has been assigned a zone depending on the number and risk of covid cases. Toronto, Peel, Sudbury and Thunder Bay regions are all in the grey zone, which is a full lockdown. Sudbury and Thunder Bay allowed climbing gyms to open over winter, but Toronto and Peel haven’t allowed fitness facilities to open in nearly 130 days.

Gyms in regions such as Halton, Durham and York are in the red zone, which means that they’re allowed to open with limited capacity. Despite Joe Rockheads and Gravity Hamilton only being 60 kilometres apart, the former is not allowed to open, while the latter is allowed 10 climbers/session.

Below are some social media updates from gyms in different regions around Ontario. Be sure to support your local gym through the summer, even if you don’t plan on visiting much.

Lead photo: Brandon Pullan