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Two World Cups Cancelled As Salt Lake World Cup Begins

Two World Cups cancelled just hours before the opening round of the Salt Lake City triple header

The last months have come as a blessing to those countries fortunate enough to have vaccines. Some countries no longer require testing or vaccines for international travel, a concept unimaginable only six months ago. Still, the warmer weather and reduced regulations have not removed COVID from the atmosphere. Instead, a recent resurgence has caused the Chinese Mountaineering Association to rescind their offer to host two of the upcoming World Cups.

On May 20, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) announced that the Chinese Mountaineering Association will no longer host two World Cup events. Although the IFSC will look for other hosting venues to replace those set to take place in Wujiang September 30 through October 2 and Chongqing October 6 through October 9, they have not yet found replacements.

The Wujiang World Cup was set to host a Speed and Lead events while the Chongqing World Cup was set to host a Boulder and Lead events. The greater concern resulting from these cancellations comes in the form of those World Cup events that have not yet taken place. Whether this cancellation marks the first in a series of cancellations is unclear.

Meanwhile, the first of Salt Lake City’s World Cup triple header begins this afternoon with the Speed qualifiers. This qualification round will begin at 2:15pm ET with finals live streamed at 10:00pm ET. Tomorrow  morning will kick off with the men’s Boulder qualification rund at 11:00 am ET, with the women’s qualifiers to follow.

The Paraclimbing World Cup will begin on Tuesday and the second Salt Lake City Speed and Boulder World Cups will begin Friday, May 27. The schedule for the week follows and is recorded in MT.

IFSC Boulder and Speed World Cup #1):

Friday, 20 May:
12:15 PM– Speed qualifications
8:00 PM – Speed finals

Saturday, 21 May:
9:00 AM – Men’s Boulder qualification
3:30 PM – Women’s Boulder qualification

Sunday, 22 May:
11:00 AM – Boulder semifinals
6:00 PM – Men’s Boulder final
Followed by – Women’s Boulder final

IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup:

Tuesday, 24 May:
9:00 AM – Paraclimbing qualifications

Wednesday, 25 May:
12:00 PM – Paraclimbing finals

IFSC Boulder and Speed World Cup #2:

Friday, 27 May:
12:15 PM – Speed qualifications
8:00 PM – Speed finals

Saturday, 28 May:
9:00 AM – Women’s Boulder qualification
3:30 PM – Men’s Boulder qualification

Sunday, 29 May:
11:00 AM – Boulder semifinals
6:00 PM – Women’s Boulder final
Followed by – Men’s Boulder final

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