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Watch Highlights from 2017 Villars Lead World Cup

Anouck Jaubert at 2017 Villars World Cup
The 2017 Villars IFSC Lead World Cup took place from July 7 to 8. There were a number of Canadians at the big event.

After Qualifications, Alannah Yip finished in 38th (28th in Speed), Becca Frangos in 39th and Em Pellerin in 52nd. For Canadian Males, Elan Jonas McRae ended Qualifications in 43rd, Jj Mah in 67th and Kyle Murdoch in 72nd.

Finals Results Male/Female
1. Romain Desgranges / Janja Garnbret
2. Domen Skofic / Mina Markovic
3. Fedir Samoilov / Anak Verhoeven

The 2018 Villars World Cup will be taking place on July 6 and 7 and so far only Lucas Uchida and Becca Frangos from Canada have registered.

Wathc 2017 highlights: