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Watch IFSC Boulder World Cup Meiringen 2021 Finals

It's been the biggest world cup event of the past year and the finals promise to be an exciting round

Watch the finals of the IFSC Boulder World Cup in Meiringen on April 17 at 12:40 EST. Janja Garnbret and Adam Ondra are heading into the last round in first place. Five Japanese climbers will be competing, along with two Americans. Read about the semi-finals round here.

Women/Men Finals

1 – Janja Garnbret (SLO) / Adam Ondra (CZE)
2 – Oriane Bertone (FRA) / Tomoaki Takata (JPN)
3 – Akiyo Noguchi (JPN) / Yoshiyuki Ogata (JPN)
4 – Natalia Grossman (USA) / Sohta Amagasa (JPN)
5 – Vita Lukan (SLO) / Nathaniel Coleman (USA)
6 – Katja Debevec (SLO) / Kokoro Fujii (JPN)

Watch Finals