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Watch Kaddi Lehmann climb Kryptos 8C/V15

German climber Kaddi Lehmann climbs the Swiss test-piece Kryptos 8C / V15

On May 14, 2018, Kaddi Lehmann made history as the first woman to climb the Swiss test-piece Kryptos 8C /V15. Lehmann’s ascent makes her the second woman to climb at such a difficulty after Ashima Shiraishi’s ascents of Japan’s Horizon and Australia’s Sleepy Rave. The German climber spent over ten sessions working the problem originally put up by Franz Widmer back in 2009.

Lehmann said, “At the end of 2017, I had the idea of seeing this boulder as the ultimate goal with all other climbs like small steps towards that goal.” Though the release of this video comes at a time when many climbers are locked inside, it serves as inspiration for all athletes to push themselves to their limits and to not feel threatened by those challenges resulting from the unknown.

Lehmann’s ascent and story is a classic tale of bouldering and definitely worth watching in Black Diamond’s exclusive release.

Featured photo by Michael Steimle of Kaddi Lehmann.