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Watch Sean McColl’s 360° Chin-Up Spin

Watch Sean McColl do a cool 360° chin-up spin on a pull-up bar. McColl did this as a challenge from his DM’s, be sure to read what he said below.

From top 🇨🇦 @mccollsean! “I’ve been getting lots of DM’s of people trying the stuff I post and I love seeing people pushing themselves. To make it easier, I’m going to start using the hashtag #mccollChallenge so I can search them and see how people are doing! I invented some of the challenges myself but most of them I see filter through my feeds and am inspired to try. This first #mccollChallenge took me 9 tries, a combination of technique, precision, fear and just playing around. A little disclaimer as well, make sure the ground below you is padded as my first few tries I wasn’t landing 100% on my feet! Have fun, good luck, and be safe! My first few tries I wasn’t doing a swing and it proved quite difficult. I know with a massive swing it might get easier but it would be less precise. I’d love to see someone do it from a straight hang!” #climbing #dyno #indoorclimbing #training

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