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Watch Villars Speed and Lead World Cup Finals 2019

Watch exciting Finals to the first lead world cup of the year

The Lead and Speed World Cup are taking place this weekend in Villars, For full results visit here and watch Finals below.

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Lead qualification done ✅ the first route was good…but I made a really big mistake on the second route. I feel frustrated that I slipped and fell quickly because of my poor foot skills??? But I’m so lucky today! I was able to go to the next round in 25th place…!! Ohhh, thank god!❤️❤️????✨✨ ————————————— 1本目は順調でしたが、2本目は下部でいろんなミスが連鎖して足が抜け、手の距離が足りずまさかのフォール?危うく予選敗退しかけましたが、一本目の頑張りが生きて、25位でギリギリ明日につながりました!?❤️✨? とにかく明日はまた切り替えて、突破したいです!

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Speed Finals

Lead Finals

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