In November 2017, Hyeri Heath was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27, it spread throughout her left breast and she required a mastectomy.

Below is a clip of her last climb before the operation and of her first climb after her operation, documented by her and her husband, Dan.

“I want to raise awareness of cancer in young women,” Hyeri said. Thanks for the motivation Hyeri!

Pre-Operation Climb

“Hi lovely people, I am back with something a little more light-hearted this time after two somewhat heavy videos.

“Dan and I went to Loughborough Climbing Station for my last bouldering session(s) before the mastectomy operation and very much enjoyed it!”

Post-Operation Climb

“Hi lovely people! Late in May I went climbing for the first time since breast cancer, or to be more exact, since the mastectomy operation. Being back on the wall made me feel so better about myself, and quite emotional looking back over the past five months.

“It was great to know about my current level of physical strength and fitness, and that I still enjoy climbing very much. Special thanks to Dan for filming and coaching.

“Along with this video, I want to mention CASM, a non-profit awareness project called Climbing Against Suicide and Mental health in the UK. With academic studies’ support, CASM partners with a few climbing walls in the UK to promote the benefits of climbing on mental health.

To find out more, please visit: Also if you want to find out more about Climbing Against Cancer please visit: