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Will Revelstoke Ever Get a Climbing Gym?

There are rumours that the small mountain town might be getting a climbing gym late this year

Nearly every mountain town in North America has a climbing gym, some are big and some are small, but they’re out there. Revelstoke, a ski-lover’s mountain town in B.C., has a modest summer rock climbing scene, a lot of mountain guides, world-class skiers and mountain bikers, but no gym. Why?

There are rumours that a space has been rented and walls have been ordered, but those rumours seem to circulate from time to time. The nearby town of Golden has two climbing gyms, Dirtbag Corporation and the recently opened Confluence. Golden has a population of under 4,000 people and Revelstoke has more than 7,500.

There are a lot of reasons why Revelstoke doesn’t have a gym, from a lack of space to high rents, but over the decades, gym owners from other cities and towns have looked into opening one. A local Revelstoke climber recently became a realtor to one day, hopefully, find a space and find the backers to open a gym.

The Confluence ran a promotion recently to entice Revelstoke climbers to make the 90-minute drive east to session, and many did. But having a local gym would surely make people in Revelstoke happy, and would likely be successful. Is 2023 the year? If you are touring around B.C. this year, be sure to check out the rock in Revelstoke, from Begbie Bluffs and Echo Bay to Viktor Lake Headwall – more info here.