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Volume 15, Issue 4


Inside Arc’teryx Inside Arc’teryx
Story by Mike Berard
Arc’teryx is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, in the shadow of the Coast Mountain Range, and is distributed globally. Employees, who work at Dead Bird (as fans and workers are prone to calling it) often live the life they sell. The company is stocked with talented climbers, skiers, split-boarders and endurance athletes. read »

Antarctica’s Great Climb Antarctica’s Great Climb
Story by Alastair Lee
After an arduous time moving loads across 5 km of the white desert from base camp to advanced base camp we were poised to attempt the ridge. Leo had spent the morning with the enormous amount of climbing gear, getting his rack together, then, like an overburdened iron monger he stepped towards the massive wall and declared ‘I’m exhausted, I feel terrible and there’s ice in my boots. Let’s do it.’ read »

Mammut Photo Contest Winners Mammut Photo Contest Winners
Mammut photo contest winners. read »

New Carabiners The Rack: New Carabiners
Story by Gus Alexandropoulos
New Carabiners. read »

Climbing Packs The Rack : Climbing Packs
Story by Gus Alexandropoulos
The right pack for almost any kind of climbing. read »[/column]

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