Here’s the latest climbing kit to keep you motivated over the winter.

Staying psyched for rock climbing during the long Canadian winter can be difficult, but with a few strategic motivational purchases, climbers can keep their mind off the drifting snow and focus on training for the spring season. Yes, it’s not as inspiring as a trip to Spain, but it is an effective coping strategy while waiting for warm weather to arrive.

Arrowhead – $150
Five Ten
This new downturned shoe sports Five Ten’s sticky and durable Mystique rubber for unparalleled friction of small holds and tenuous smears. The aggressive heel cup delivers excellent hooking and a powerful fit prevents foot-roll when standing on small edges. Perfect for hard bouldering or difficult sport routes.

Boulder Bag – $22
The problem with most bouldering chalks bags is that their closures leak. Edelrid’s new chalk bag solves this nuisance with a simple and effective twist-closing system. Simply twist the top and secure it against the Velcro-lined rim. It really works.

Blackwing – $145
Fivew Ten
Finally a women’s climbing shoe that offers the same downturned-last performance commonly found in men’s shoes. The new Blackwing is based on the popular Dragon Lace but uses a modified last for a better fit on women’s feet. Five Ten wraps the Blackwing in their top-of-the-line Mystique rubber for exceptional grip and durability and adds a padded tongued and micro-fleece lining for comfort.

C-Bag – $25
Rather than using a large chalk bag for bouldering and a smaller bag for climbing routes, consider the new C-Bag from Pusher. Built with lightweight supple fabrics, the C-Bag holds plenty of chalk, sits upright on the ground for bouldering sessions and thanks to its mid-size shape, won’t get in the way when used as a chalk bag for climbing routes. The new Omnitape Velcro closure seals tight with a simple squeeze and won’t scratch hands like conventional Velcro.

Fingerboard – $75
Moon Climbing

Ever wonder how those elite climbers hang on to such tiny holds? Well, it isn’t by training on jugs and fat slopers. Instead, these climbers focus on using on smaller grips that reflect the crux holds regularly encountered in difficult climbing. Experienced climbers wanting similar finger strength should check out the Moon Climbing Fingerboard. Consisting primarily of small edges and pockets, this board targets the critical grip positions found in real-world climbing – small edges and pockets. This is a serious training tool for serious climbers. Highly recommended

Hoody – $35
Five Ten
This heavyweight cotton hoody provides warmth and wind protection when resting between climbing attempts. The embroidered Five Ten logo has a retro, collegiate feel, which adds fashion-flair to this timeless garment. Warm and stylish enough for a post pull-down, pint-drinking session.

Retro Knit Hat – $20

Built in the USA, this classic retro-toque receives a style update with an old-school Organic logo. A great way to stay warm and support small USA based production. Available in black with neon pink, black with yellow, gray and royal or gray and purple.

Screw-on Hard – $66 for 50 holds
The new Teknik Screw-ons allow climbers to fill in blank spaces on bouldering walls without adding extra t-nuts. These small low-profile grips offer challenging route setting options without becoming massive foot holds once the climber moves above them. As an added bonus, their screw-on mounting allows for placements on aretes or corners – locations that are typically unusable with conventional bolt-on holds.