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10 Climbing Questions on the Gameshow Jeopardy!

This fall, the show presented a category called Mountain G.O.A.T.s

Photo by: Bryce Brown @brycebrownimages of Mount Logan

Alex Trebek, the beloved host of the gameshow Jeopardy! since its 1984 debut, has died of pancreatic cancer. He was 80.

The show featured a quiz competition with contestants who were presented general knowledge clues in the form of answers, and they had to phrase their responses as questions. There were thousands of topics over the decades.

On Oct. 6, 2020, Ken Jennings, winner of Jeopardy!’s greatest of all time tournament, presented a category called “Mountain G.O.A.T.s” that highlighted some of the world’s greatest climbers.

The first five clues below are what Jenning’s presented. The final clue in the category stumped all three contestants. The following five clues are from previous episodes with Trebek.


1. One of the first two men to summit Everest, he also tractored to the South Pole five years later in 1958.
2. In 2015, Dani Arnold climbed this 14,700-foot peak in the Alps in one hour, 46 minutes.
3. Though the freerider route takes most people four days, it took Alex Honnold about four hours, ropeless and using some holds the width of the pencil to climb El Capitan in this National park.
4. Braving subzero temps on June 7, 1913, Walter Harper was the first person to stand atop this 20,310-foot peak. Of Athabascan heritage, he was the one Native American member of the expedition, and the mountain itself is now known by its indigenous name.
5. Canada! In 2018, Monique Richard overcame a fall into a crevasse to be the first woman to solo summit this mountain, Canada’s tallest.
6. Especially useful in sailing and rock climbing this knot with a numerical name is easily untied even after the greatest strain
7. A 1947 Short Subject Oscar went to Climbing this mountain on the border of Switzerland & Italy
8. This Tibetan mountain climber and guide more than earned his autobiography’s title Tiger of the Snows
9. In Into Thin Air Jon Krakauer said climbing this mountain was primarily about enduring pain
10. Warren Harding once led an expedition to climb this celebrated Yosemite peak


1. Edmund Hillary
2. Matterhorn
3. Yosemite
4. Denali
5. Mount Logan
6. Figure-eight knot
7. Matterhorn
8. Tenzing Norgay
9. Everest
10. El Capitan

Tenzing Norgay
Lead photo: Bryce Brown @brycebrownimages of Mount Logan