Tim Banfield is a real estate agent, photographer and climber based in Calgary who works hard to get amazing images of climbers and landscapes.

He’s one of the most active Canadian climbing photographers and one of Gripped magazine’s main contributors.

Over the years, he’s shot countless top climbers in remote and classic locations around North America.

Here are 10 awesome photos by Tim Banfield from 2018.

@ridgelineguiding heading up the upper pitches of Pony Express on Mt Yamnuska

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It’s a crazy shot, she was so deep and it was so close, the hole is big…Lots of media outlets have reached out to me about our story and I have accepted their invites to talk about it. In those interviews I speak in first person because I am reliving my experience. Maia was there too, we were side by side doing all we could. She is an equal part of this rescue, I just happened to write an account of it shortly after and took some pics so the media has interest in my side of the event but she is equally as responsible for that save. I don’t know how I feel about the interviews, I’m mostly giving them because at the worst moment at the “darkest hour” when we saw 4m on that beacon and knew it was a long shot, I referenced a video that I had seen last month on my friend Nate’s timeline. I said verbally out loud to Maia if they can do it why can’t we? I just wonder if someone else might see our story and be in a similar situation and think those fuckers did it, we can too. To clarify the 4m deep burial, that’s what our beacons read. The beacon was in the pant pocket of the buried skier, it was likely closer to 3.5m to get to her airway and we were fortunate that there was a bit of a downslope and that it was not a flat burial site, still really deep. Big thanks to the @parks.canada Mountain Rescue Team too.// In hindsight and speaking with professionals who spend all their time in the snow and discussing with them the avalanche bulletin for the day we probably missed a few indicators that put us in the position to make the big save. I’d prefer not to get into the situation to begin with, I’ll post more tomorrow discussing those issues.

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Hail Mary burns are sometimes the best ones. It was the end of the day, my skin was trashed, and half way up the route, I realized I had to pee ferociously. I decided there was no chance, so I just went for it— the faster I fell, the sooner I could relieve myself. But then I found myself at the anchor. Anyway, that’s all to say even if it isn’t your hardest route, or maybe it is, and the odds are against you sometimes shit just pans out. I’m actually bummed to be done with this route so soon because of how classic it is— Shooting Star 12d. Psyched to explore other things here in Canada! 🤘🏼 Yay vacation. Today @jonathansiegrist and I are checking out the Stampede in Calgary 🐎🐂🇨🇦🤠 (@timbanfield photo)

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