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15 Canadian Climbers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most-used social medias by climbers.

This list is composed of leading climbers who use their Instagram accounts for climbing specific photos. There are a number of other top accounts to follow.

Kim House and Graham McGrenere

Using the handle @Kimstagraham.mcg, House and McGrenere have been sharing photos from their extended road trip for months. In 2015, Kim wrote a piece about their trip for Gripped magazine. Look for more stories by Kim this year.

Vikki Weldon

Vikki is one of Canada’s strongest climbers, with a number of difficult sport and trad sends. This winter, she has three pieces in Gripped magazine’s Notes From the Top column.

Marc-Andre Leclerc

As one of Canada’s most accomplished climbers, the 23-year-old B.C. sender has solidified his place in the history books with big solo ascents in Squamish, Patagonia and the Rockies.

Sarah Hueniken

Hueniken is one of North America’s strongest winter climbers, with hard repeats of steep bolted test-pieces. She has been leading the way for over a decade and continues to set new standards.

Josh Muller

With hard boulders to his name, Muller confirmed himself as one of Canada’s top climbers with his first ascent of Kinder Surprise 5.14d at Acephale last year. It is only the fourth 5.14d in Canada.

Jamie Finlayson

One of Squamish’s leading climbers, with repeats of hard problems and cracks. Finlayson has added a number of new test-piece routes to the area over the years.

Leslie Timms

Timms is one of Ontario’s top climbers with sends of a number of the area’s hardest routes. She has written a number of stories for Gripped magazine over the years, be sure to look for more in the near future.

Sonnie Trotter

No list is complete without Canada’s leading rock climber, who continues to set new standards. Trotter has established some of Canada’s hardest gear and big alpine sport routes.

Jean-Pierre Ouellet 

Quebec’s all-round crusher, Ouellet is North America’s crack climbing expert. From short cracks in the desert to big systems in the alpine, JP posts photos from many inspiring climbs.

Will Stanhope

From soloing difficult routes to establishing the hardest climb in the Bugaboos, Stanhope has been at the cutting edge of climbing for more than a decade.

Becca Frangos

Becca is a leading comp climber who has toured the world for comps. She balances her indoor climbing with impressive outdoor sends, often with her sister Sara (follow Sara here).

Sean McColl

McColl is one of the best competition climbers in the history of the sport. He is one of the few North Americans who has sent 5.14d V15 and shows no signs of slowing down.

Will Gadd

From big ice and mixed to steep rock routes, Gadd continues to establish hard modern routes in Canada and beyond. One of the world’s leading winter climbers.

Stacey Weldon

Stacey is an accomplished coach and comp climber. With over 10 years of being a top competition climber, she continues to inspire climbers young and old.

Ian Welsted

Welsted has established a number of hard alpine routes and is one of two Canadians to ever with the Piolet d’Or, the other being his climbing partner Raphael Slawinski.