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15 #GrippedMagazine Photos from Stoked Climbers

Instagram has become the leading social media for climbers to share their images. With nearly 18,000 #GrippedMagazine photos, scrolling through is always inspiring. Below are 15 from the past week.

@jordan.chow warming up on the Prow V2 in the buttermilks but it was so cold and windy we had to re-locate to the Happies. Thankfully I was able to snap this shot as a snow storm blew through that night and we weren't able to climb at the buttermilks for the rest of the trip. . . . . . . . . . . #climbing_worldwide #adventurestartshere #enjoyclimbing #grippedmagazine #climbing #climb #bouldering #_bouldering_ #extremebouldering #boulderinglife #organicclimbing #neverstopexploring #sportofclimbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbingnation #climb #rockclimbing #climbingisbliss #climbing_is_my_passion #livewild #womenrockclimbing #radgirlslife #radgirlscollective #onsightclimbing #rockandice #C_L_I_M_B #bishop #california #buttermilks #girlswhoclimb

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How to guarantee yourself a rest day

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This is a shot of the Big Dipper in the South Ghost. I had wanted to check out Constellation Valley for a while and saved the longer approach for a busier weekend hoping to thin out the crowds. I had recent beat the crap out of my Jeep and had a $2700 repair bill so I was looking for a mellower driving approach too. It worked exactly as expected, lots of cars in the parking area and just us with two routes to ourselves. Little and Big Dipper aren't particularly hard routes and they have moderately long approaches but the canyon you walk up to approach them is pretty scenic and I suspect they are often empty. @dmhoweller and Takeshi rock, paper, scissored for the leads and I ran off to the sides trying to get pics. Typically when I shoot from the side I am trying to tie in the location and landscape; basically the environment the person is climbing in. With such a tight canyon on this climb it was hard to get a descent landscape view in my mind so I cheated a bit and went with a sun-burst to add an additional element to the image. I find it tough to make WI3/4 look cool without a tight zoomed in top down shot or a super scenic background. In my opinion adding the sun-flare/burst is another cheater way to make it seem cooler. How do you feel about it?

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Day dreaming of sunny days with these ladies 🙃 _________________________________________ #scientiacollective #huppybar #jtreelife

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A lot of fun on planet Mars.

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Pulling the final moves to top out. Easier said than done when you have a bomber tool placement.

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