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2015 Canadian National Youth Bouldering Competition

This weekend, top youth climbers across the country vie for National Bouldering titles at the 2015 Canadian National Youth Bouldering Competition, at Climber’s Rock in Burlington, Ontario.

Qualifiers took place on Sat., Feb. 14 and photographer Matt Chapman brought us a selection of photos, as well as had this to say about day one:

“The best young climbers in the country gathered at Climber’s Rock, in Burlington, to face a series of problems that were severe and unapologetic.  Naturally a competition like this is a celebration of Canadian athletes, and a playground for our young community of plastic pullers, but the climbing today was not child’s play. It was war at the first Canadian Youth Bouldering Nationals.

Climber’s Rock

“As climbers battled the toughest boulder problems of the competition season – by far – only blood, sweat and tears were left behind as the chalk dust settled.  The setting crew designed these challenges to push the limits of these athletes, and to test their skills at the highest level.  After a day of many falls, and a few incredible highlights, the semi-finals spots have been filled.  On Day two, the bar will be raised again.”

For full real-time updated results, check out Youth Bouldering Canada.

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