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2020 Rock Climbing Boom: Access Groups Must Lead

There will be more rock climbers than ever heading to Canadian crags this year, if parks reopen

Rock climbing is going to go through a boom this year across Canada, as many climbers will want to avoid mass indoor gatherings once gyms reopen. After the restrictions are lifted and parks open, everyone is going to rush to crags, the alpine and the trails.

As 8a.nu has pointed out: “In Sweden, with almost no restrictions, there have been more climbers than ever. In one case in Göteborg, an access problem with the nearby occurred and one of the best sectors has temporarily been closed.”

Our access groups have a lot of influence on the climbers in their area and work with property owners to ensure everything is running smoothly. Ascent New Brunswick recently outlined a list of rules for returning to climbing, visit here for more on that. Climbers should also avoid dangerous routes and highballs to not put more stress on the healthcare system with injuries.

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