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5.14d News: Adam Ondra and Joe Kinder Free Projects

Watch Adam Ondra free one of the most esthetic routes in Arco, as Cameron Hörst repeats a new 5.14d

There was a time when 5.14d (9a) was the limit of hard sport climbing for the world’s best rock climbers. While that’s no longer the case, the grade is still a goal for countless climbers and is considered a benchmark around the world. In the past few weeks, Adam Ondra has freed two new 5.14d sport routes, with one maybe being 5.14c/d. And American Joe Kinder has sent a project of his own, which was quickly repeated by Cameron Hörst.

Ondra’s Sends

Adam Ondra, who’s climbed nearly 200 routes from 5.14d to 5.15d, just made the first ascent of Hogo Fogo 5.14d in Deravá Skala, Slovakia. He noted on 8a.nu, “Probably THE line of this forgotten cave! Awesome tensiony short power endurance climbing in the roof.” And a few weeks ago, Ondra made the first ascent of Pungitopo in Arco up a stunning wall. You can watch his send below.

Resisting Arrest 5.14d

At Robbers Roost at Mount Charleston in Nevada, Joe Kinder made the first ascent of an old project dubbed Resisting Arrest at 5.14d. It was repeated 10 minutes later by Cameron Hörst, who said after, “Yesterday was special! Sent the Resisting Arrest project which was somewhat of a team FA by Joe Kinder and me. Back to back sends (for the first and second ascents) only a few minutes apart.”

Andy Raether bolted the line in 2010 and Kinder took over in 2019. He started working on it a month ago “expecting it to be a long term project” with a few others. They spent a couple of weeks projecting before the back to back sends.