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A Basecamp Radio Conversation with Margo Talbot

Margo Talbot is an author, climber and speaker and is based in the Canadian Rockies.

All That Glitters by Margo Talbot
All That Glitters by Margo Talbot

Margo is the author of All That Glitters, A Climber’s Journey Through Addiction and Depression, which is a testament to her strength and the healing power of nature. She recently joined Gripped’s Brandon Pullan on Basecamp Radio at The Banff Centre.

From competing in the ESPN X-Games and the Ouray Ice Festival to leading expeditions around the world, she has decades of experience as one of the leading Canadian ice climbers.

“Ice climb­ing brings you into the present moment,” said Margo. “It’s an exercise in mind­ful­ness and a mov­ing medi­a­tion. Depres­sion is defined as being caught up in the pain of the past and anx­i­ety is fear of future events.

“The obvious anti­dote to both of these is being in the pre­sent moment. That’s hard to do with unre­solved trauma inside of your body, but the best thing to do is to try not to numb the pain, instead be present with the pain and move through to the other side. To heal yourself.”

Visit Margo’s website for photos, speaking events and more.

Watch Margo and Brandon in the 2014 film Road to Slipstream:

Road to Slipstream from Road to Slipstream on Vimeo.