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A New Alex Megos 5.15a/b Gets a Repeat

Jorge Diaz-Rullo continues to project his mega route Café Colombia after sending this new variation

Jorge Diaz-Rullo has made the second ascent of Alex Megos’s Chan Chan Bastards 5.15a/b, also known as The Journey in Colombia, in Margalef. The steep route is a link-up of The Journey 5.15a and the top of Diz-Rullo’s project called Café Colombia.

Alex Megos had a mega successful three-week trip to Spain this summer establishing new routes at recently opened crags. One of the lines he freed is The Full Journey at 5.15b. It was bolted by Tom Bolger in spring, shortly before Megos freed the first section at 5.15a. He then freed the upper half at 5.14d. After 12 goes in September, he linked the full route at 5.15b.

Megos said that it was one of his best trips to the area since he started visiting a decade ago. It was during this stay that he made the first ascent of Chan Chan Bastards, along with Pink Patatas 5.15a, Patatas Pantera 5.15a, Patatas el Villano 5.14c, Patatas Satan 5.14c, and climbed Red Ram 5.15a on his third go.

In December 2021, Diaz-Rullo sent another section of his route Café Colombia and called it Café Solo, grading it 5.15b. Watch his FA below.

Café Solo 5.15b

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