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Adam Ondra Climbs New 5.15, See All 44 of His 5.15a Sends

And watch a new video released on Oct. 28 of Ondra climbing with Magnus Midtbo

Adam Ondra continues his strong post-Olympic climbing spree with his 44th 5.15a, and his 68th sport route from 5.15a to 5.15d. He has the most redpoints of 5.15s of all climbers.

His most recent was the first ascent of Molekuly in Moravský kras. “Wow, this thing actually goes,” he said. Noting that it’s a short boulder problem on “nonexistent holds” and that it’s the “epitome of local climbing.” After that, the climbs ends with a 5.14a top-out.

He tried the route four times over the last 12 years, not thinking that there was a way through it. See every 5.15a that Ondra has ever climbed from Molekuly to La Rambla, his first, back in 2008.

Climbing superstar Magnus Midtbo recently became the first climber to have over one million subscribers on YouTube. To Celebrate the achievement, he linked up with Ondra to release the below video.

Adam Ondra’s 5.15a Sends

Molekuly, Moravský kras
Bohemian Rhapsody, Roviste
Qui, Innsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand
Catxasa, Barcelona /  Santa Linya
Czech Trip, Mavrovo
High Line, Kanjon Tijesno
Sacrifice, Echo Canyon ?
Stone Butterfly, Herculane
Underground Dreaming, Arco /  Unknown Crag
Super Crackinette, Avignon /  St Léger
La Castagne, Avignon /  St Léger
Meiose, Interlaken /  Charmey
One Punch, Arco /  Unknown Crag
Thor’s Hammer 2, Flatanger
Naturalmente, Camaiore
Ultimatum, Arco /  Massone
Pachamama, Barcelona /  Oliana
Hyper Finale, Sion/SW /  Rawyl
120 Degrees, Flatanger
Geocache, Frankenjura /  Vogelherdgrotte
Vicious Circle, Osp/Misja Pec
Predátor, Srbsko
Modified, Frankenjura /  Holzgauer Wand
Three Degrees of Separation, Provence /  Céüse
Biographie, Provence /  Céüse
Iñi Ameriketan, Bilbao /  Baltzola
Hell Racer, Hell
Kangaroo’s Limb, Flatanger
Torture physique integrale, Interlaken /  Gastlosen
Power Inverter, Barcelona /  Oliana
Change P1, Flatanger
Thor’s Hammer, Flatanger
Jungle Boogie, Provence /  Céüse
Perlorodka, Holstejn, Mor.kras
Overshadow, Malham
Chaxi, Barcelona /  Oliana
Obrint el Sistema, Santa Ana
L’étrange ivresse des lenteurs, Provence /  Céüse
Goldrake, Milano /  CORNALBA
Marina Superstar, Sardinia /  Domusnovas
Corona, Frankenjura /  Schneiderloch
Papichulo, Barcelona /  Oliana
Open Air, Innsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall
La Rambla, Siurana /  El pati

Ondra Climbs with Magnus Midtbo

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