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Adam Ondra Climbs New 5.15a in Canadian Rockies

Before leaving Canada, Adam Ondra skipped his project Fight Club 5.15b to send a new route in Echo Canyon above Canmore.

The route climbs right of Honour and Glory and Ondra graded the steep line as a possible 5.15a. Seeing that it’s Ondra, it’s probably fair to say 5.15a.

On Instagram, he said, “Last climbing day in Canmore was back in Echo Canyon. There was an amazing Evan Hau project was just too tempting.

“I figured out the moves two weeks ago and today I managed to make a first ascent.

“I think it could be 5.15a. Thank you Hau for bolting this one of the Canmore’s best lines and letting me try.”

Ondra called his new route Sacrifice 5.15a, which climbs right of Honour and Glory 5.14d in Echo Canyon.

“Both routes are of a really good quality and will hopefully tempt other climbers,” said Ondra.

“As much as it is fun to climb on established routes, we should give a credit to everyone who makes the sacrifice to bolt and clean the routes for all of us.”

A few days ago, Ondra made the first ascent of Disbelief 5.15b at Acephale. He also onsighted First Flight 5.14c and Ojas 5.14a.

Two weeks ago, he climbed and downgraded Hau’s Echo Canyon route Honour and Glory from 5.15a to 5.14d.

Ondra said wet conditions and time didn’t allow him to complete Fight Club, but we’re sure he’ll be back soon.

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