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Adam Ondra Climbs New 5.15b in France

Adam Ondra seems to be on a non-stop sending spree. He just made the first ascent of Eagle 4 at Saint Léger du Ventoux in France.

Ondra recently became the first climber to flash a 5.15a with his climb of Super Crackinette at the same crag.

After his first ascent, he said on Instagram, “Interesting process of working this route. I got really close on my second day of trying, when only foothold break stopped me from sending.

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“Then, I tried maybe five days more, but it was never completely dry. Today, it was dry, I felt strong, made through the hard part and fell five metres from the anchor from totally easy terrain. Luckily, I could do it even second time in the late afternoon.”

After his 5.15a flash, he told Rock and Ice about his goals this year, he said, “I think my goal for this year is to climb different routes in different places.

“For me I feel that I can’t really progress in terms of grade right now. To climb a 9c+ (5.16a) redpoint or 9a+ onsight is not possible right now. But there are different ways I can distinguish if I’ve progressed or not, like doing 9b’s or 9b+’s much faster than in the past.

“So that’s the goal now: go different places and find projects around this grade and try to climb them fast. And train. In September it’s going to be World Championships and I want to be well prepared.”

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