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Adam Ondra Confirms 5.15a Downgrade and Onsights 5.14 in Spain

The top Czech climber is on fire with a string of hard ascents over the past month

Adam Ondra has climbed La Furia de Jabali in Siurana, which Will Bosi made the first ascent of, and Alex Megos and Jacob Schubert repeated.

Bosi graded it 5.15b, but it was suggested to be 5.15a after repeats, which Ondra has confirmed adding that with his height it’s a soft 5.15a. Ondra is also projecting King Capella, which Bosi opened and graded 5.15c, but it was also downgraded to 5.15b by Megos and Schubert.

Ondra also made quick work of other climbs, logging onsights of a handful of 5.13s, and one 5.14b called La Peguena Mowgli, which he downgraded to 5.14a. Ondra also recently made the first ascent of a 27-year-old project at 5.14d.

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